Using Our Templates

We have a supply of standard size templates available for you to download here

These are available for use in Illustrator.

Basic Information

This is a fairly straight forward process.  Insert your artwork into the layer named "PLACE ARTWORK HERE"

There are Three sets of line running around the file, the Safe, Fold and Trim.  Your artwork should at the very least go to the Fold line, everything past that is folded over to the back side of the banner.

Make sure all your text and important bits fit inside the green safe space.  If it is between the safe space and the fold, it will have stiching running through it.  There are instances where this won't matter to you with some copyright text, and legal information.  But the choice is yours.

Pole Pockets

There are two layers with pole pocket guides.  Turn on either the vertical or horizontal depending on your needs.  There will be 3 green safe space lines that will appear.  Each one for a different size pole, 1, 2 or 3 inches.

We will be stiching the pocket just top the outside of these lines, so make sure your important information and text is within so they dont get stiched through.

If you are only using on of the pockets, say a top pocket only, ignore the liines you arent using and keep inside the typical safe space lines.


Save out your file (see our tutorial here for formats)