Embedding Images

When puttting images/vector art into files, you have two options in Illustrator: Link or Embed

When we open the file on our end if they haven't been embedded the image is lost. When prepping your file for press you need to embed your images into the file.  See below for a quick How To.

Step 1

With your file open, you will need to display the LINKS window, Window > Links

You will notice three images in this file, notice the icons (or lack of icons) to their right.
  • The gray icon with a square and triangle means that the artwork is embedded. 
  • No icon means that the artwork is linked.
  • The red “x” means that the linked artwork is missing.

Step 2

When you select a linked file in the menu, and click on the options button in the top right of the menu, you will see the options and one is Embed.  Click on this and the file will be embedded into the illustrator file.

Step 3

You may find you have a missing file, if this happens, then select the missing file and either click the relink button at the bottom of the menu, or the relink from the dropdown menu at the top right.  It will have you navigate to and select the file.  Once relinked you can repeat step two with that file.

NOTE:  Make sure to save this embedded file seperate from your design file in case you need to go back and make changes to the linked objects quickly (you can still do it, just has a few more steps)