Font Conversion

Our number one problem with client files, and is an exceptionally easy item to fix.

When you submit a file where the fonts have not been converted to outlines we will have a warning that the ‘font is missing and a stock font will be substituted in it’s place’. This means that your print will not look like it did on your screen.  Don't worry, we will never proceed with printing a file wihtout it's fonts.

Step 1

Have your file open, and select everything (CNTL + A), if you are in the habit of locking items down with CNTL+2, unlock them all with CNTL+ALT+2 and be sure you layers are unlocked.

Step 2

With everything selected you can go to the toolbar Type > Create Outlines  or use the shortcut CNTL+SHIFT+O.

Step 3

Now all your fonts will be converted to outlines/vector paths and will be able to be read by any machine.

NOTE:  Make sure to save this prepress file seperate from your design file in case you need to go back and make changes to the text.